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Well, here we are, it’s time once again for my annual “Best of” list and, as has become the tradition with said list, my annual look at what I did through the year and what it says about my frame of mind. This one is especially interesting because, if we’re being accurate, 2019 was the year when I finally finished WRITING A FREAKING BOOK! That said, it was also a year that saw me struggle harder than ever to keep my mental and physical health demons at bay. A lot happened in 2019. Also, sometimes it feels like I did almost nothing in 2019. It’s confusing.

The interesting thing is that in putting together this list I noticed that all of those feelings of anxiety, fear, and confusion resulted in some work I’m really proud of. Over the years I’ve come to see talking honestly about what I’m going through as (at the risk of sounding hokey) my mission. The idea that someone else who is struggling could come across one of my pieces and feel comforted and less alone is a big motivator for my work these days.

So, all that said, here it is! This list contains my 9 favorite posts, podcasts, projects, and more listed chronologically (because I don’t like ranking things). I hope you enjoy it. Thank you all so much for continuing to give me an audience for this work!

2019 Best of Bedhead


Running Wild with Christine- Episode 40: On Depression and Sex, with JoEllen Notte

Christine and I covered moving across the country to soothe a broken heart, resentment as relationship cancer, “empathy, strategy or distraction”, trends in the sex-positive movement, non-monogamy and, of course, tools for how to deal with depression

Let’s Talk About (Depressed) Sex

I was so excited to see Nylon taking on this topic and even more excited to be included in this awesome article. Also, because I have absolutely no chill whatsoever, I always find it ridiculously amusing when articles cite doctors and me, the sex writer with a theatre degree.

Okay, So Let’s Talk About Exercise & Depression

It seems like we see a surge of “exercise CURES depression!!!!” articles at least once a year. The one that hit in the beginning of 2019 inspired me to finally take the time to break down the exercise/depression relationship. It is so much more complicated than “hit the gym, end depression” and we really need to acknowledge that.

“Sexual” Does Not Necessarily Mean “Boisterous”

Something I have struggled with for YEARS is feeling like I am too quiet/introverted/unfun to really fit in here in sex world. Writing this piece for Spectrum Boutique was a great opportunity to explore those feelings, reassure myself and anyone else who feels as I do, and (in a surprising twist), learn that even the folks who seem like big loud beacons of sexiness struggle with the same feelings I do.

When You’re Depressed and Doctors Aren’t Great, What Do You Do?

So, this one was interesting. This piece was inspired by my 2018 doctor purge and I wrote it as I transitioned to a new doctor. Then, by the time it was published I had figured out that the new doctor wasn’t working out and was struggling with that. So, in the end, a piece I wrote in the hopes of helping others feel empowered to take control of their medical care ended up being exactly what I needed to hear.

Sex and Depression 6-Video Series on Kink Academy

Okay, this one has LAYERS. First off, Kink Academy is one of those things I’ve known about since before I had my site, working with them definitely caused my inner fangirl to freak out. Also, I loved getting the chance to record a whole series devoted to what we all know is my favorite topic. Finally, creating a video series forced me to confront the body image issues that my 2019 health crisis left me with. Making these videos was a big deal for me and I’m so proud of them.

Relieve Sinus Pain & Pressure with a Bullet Vibe!

Every year I post to twitter about the wonder of using a bullet vibe to relieve sinus pain and pressure. Last year I had more people than ever reply saying that my post had inspired them to go hunt down instructions for bullet vibe sinus clearing. So, this year I decided to take some of the work out of the whole thing by making those instructions available right here on!

When a Sex Writer Doesn’t Want to Have Sex or Write

This year has been, frankly, brutal. When I found myself with little interest in sex and writing, I thought of friends and colleagues who I know have felt the same. I remembered listening to some of them talk about their fear that if anyone knew they would be judged harshly and I decided to test that theory. Honestly, though, I wrote this one so that, should any of you find yourself feeling like I’ve felt, you will know you are not alone.

The Monster Under the Bed Book Tour Indiegogo

Okay so this wasn’t some great feat of writing but it is something I’m proud of. This campaign met its goal, sold a bunch of books, and (finally) made the book real for me. It also did away with the fear of crowdfunding that has plagued me since a failed campaign in 2013 (yes, seriously). Thank you all for supporting it!

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