Busting Sexual Health Stigma with STDCheck.com!

STD testing. We all know it’s important and that we should do it regularly but it’s a hard thing to get super-excited about. However, last month I had an experience that changed that for me. I was approached by the folks at STDCheck.com and offered the opportunity to give their service a try and, I have to say, I’m so glad I did!

STDCheck.com has been on my radar for a while now but I never quite understood what exactly they did and/or why it was preferable to getting tested at my regular doctor’s appointments. Was I going to have to administer tests to myself? How does it even work? Well, here’s the deal:

STDcheck.com is an online service that offers for a whole range of STIs and sends results via email within 48 hours. While often referred to as “at-home testing” There are more than 4,500 Testing Centers throughout the United States and, once you purchase your package, you don’t need an appointment. What this all means is that you can easily get tested close to home.

Now, if you are like me you may have just read that and thought “So? I get testing done at my doctor’s office… how is this different?” Well, a couple of ways, actually. Did you know that HSV 1 & 2 (herpes) is usually not included in the standard set of STI tests at a doctor’s office? True story. You usually have to ask for it and then, depending on the doctor, argue about it (my doctors have always been pretty cool but I’ve heard some horror stories) So, first things first, STDcheck.com let’s you pick what you want to be tested for. There are both panels and individual tests available. This is HUGE. As a nonmonogamous person with some general health concerns, I always want the most complete picture of my sexual health I can get and STDcheck.com makes that super-easy. I tried the 10-test panel. Now, the part that made me say “oh, this is really good!”– you get results via email within 48 hours. Seriously, I went in for my tests on Monday morning at 10:30 and woke up to my results on Wednesday morning. You can’t beat that!

But wait, there’s more!

So, obviously, I spent a couple of days raving about this to anyone who would listen and, luckily for me, I hang out with people who are up for talking “awesome STD test experiences” because I got to hear about the experience an acquaintance (who I will call “Drew” moving forward) had with STDCheck.com that answered a big question I had about STDcheck.com and how it worked, namely “what happens if you get a positive test result?” and their answer made me feel even better about recommending this service. Apparently Drew used STDcheck.com shortly after a move when they didn’t have a doctor in the area yet and now swears by it. Drew’s test results included a positive and not only did their email include an additional attachment advising them to consult a doctor, but they were also able to reach out to STDCheck.com’s Care Advisors via phone and even got to speak with a doctor who explained the result and what it meant. Honestly, knowing that there is support in place makes me feel super-confident in recommending STDcheck.com.

There’s so much stigma around sexual health in general and STD testing specifically and I love the open, stigma-free way STDcheck.com presents getting tested. Not to mention how convenient it all is. I feel like I’ve glimpsed a future world where testing for STDs is, for everyone, NBD and, frankly, I loved it.

Thank you to STDcheck.com for setting me up with a 10-test panel and for busting the stigma around sexual health!

This post was sponsored by STDcheck.com. The thoughts expressed in it are, as always, my own.

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