Überrime Handmade Silicone at Peepshow Toys

Seriously, what are the odds?!

I have to be honest, I’m something of a dildo materialist. I don’t use dildos much at all but when I see pretty/ interesting ones, I want them. Seriously, I want all the pretty dildos, all the time. So, when the folks at Peepshow Toys sent me pictures of the new dildos they were adding to the site and asked if I was interested, I pounced. Then, when I couldn’t decide between the one whose size would (based on past experience) be most comfortable/practical for me and the one with a lovely frenulum (god, I love a good frenulum) and they offered to send me both, I swooned a little. Then they arrived and coordinated beautifully with a dress I also received in the mail that day and I couldn’t even handle my excitement!

So, let’s talk about Überrime!

This cool silicone company hand makes toys in very cool shapes and colors using “platinum” silicone. if you are a silicone aficionado you will probably be into their specificity when it comes to the silicone used in each piece. I’m not so much an aficionado and tend to divide the world into “things I actually believe are silicone” and “things people are calling silicone but I think aren’t” (For the record, Überrime goes in the first category.) but what I’m seeing here is pretty cool.  Überrime has been selling their creations over on Etsy for a bit* and just this month Peepshow Toys picked up four of their dildos: the Helios Sun God, the Night King, the Essential Gentleman, and the Splendid Gentleman. Here they are, in that order!

four Uberrime dildos, descriptions in text below

Now let’s take a closer look at the pretty toys!

The Uberrime Helios Sun God in Fluorescent Yellow and Orange, plus Flat RedThe Helios Sun God is described as “a highly textured fantasy dildo with a large head that gives way to seamless, shaft-length spirals that flare at the base”. Überrime says the colors in this one contain “UV-reactive fluorescent pigments”, which I think means it glows in the dark. Either way, it’s pretty darn cool. Helios has a maximum diameter of 1.95” with the shaft measuring 1.66”. It is 7.9” long with 6.75” of useable length. Finally, the cool colors: The Helios Sun God Dildo is available in Fluorescent Yellow and Orange, plus Flat Red (pictured) and Pastel Fluorescent Purple, Pink, and Blue (also very cool)

The Uberrime Night KingThe Night King is another fantasy piece. This one is apparently inspired by a Game of Thrones character (a reference that was lost on me, seemingly the only human on earth with no interest in GoT, I’m just relieved that we’ve moved on from the moment in time when my disinterest inspired active anger from both my partner and my best friend. Anyway…)The Night King features a phallic head and a detailed, textured shaft. It’s a bit on the long side with a total length of 9″ and 8″ of useable length. Its maximum diameter is 1.7” and it is available in a marble of True Blue, Metallic Silver, and Nebula Blue Glitter pigments (pictured).

The Uberrime Essential Gentleman in Devil Red and Forged GoldThe Essential Gentleman is one of the Überrime pieces I received! It is beautifully shaped for g-spotting and/or prostate place. With its slightly bulbous oval head, smooth surface, gentle texture and 1.6″ maximum diameter (and 1.5″ average shaft diameter), I find it a great size and shape for every day use (I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who can’t be bothered with a dildo that requires a bunch of warm-up when I’m just looking for a quickie!) The Essential Gentleman has a total length of 6” and 5.5″ of usable length and it is available in 3 colors: Devil Red and Forged Gold (pictured), Metallic Aster Purple and Gold (the one I have, see pic above), and Metallic Pink and Cosmos Black Glitter pigments

Uberrime Splendid Gentleman in PinkThe Splendid Gentleman is the other Überrime piece I received. A dual-density dildo, feels lovely- soft to the touch but firm when squeezed. It is the most realistic of the four, with a veiny design (that provides some gentle texture) and a realistic head and frenulum. Like the Essential Gentleman, it’s got a lovely shape for G-spot or prostate stimulation but while it’s not all that much thicker (Maximum diameter is 1.67” while average shaft diameter is 1.6”) it feels significantly thicker. I think some of this may be the squishyness of the material (ever notice that it’s easier to use larger toys if they are firmer? I totally have.). The Splendid Gentleman has a total length: 6” and a usable length of 5.5” and is available in 3 ombre-esque colors: Pearl Pink to Pearl White (pictured), Sapphire Blue to Pearl White, and Amethyst Purple to Pearl White (the one I have, see pic above).

The upshot on Überrime

Definitely worthy of a Cute Brand Alert (if you get that reference, thank you! if you don’t get it, please read this.). Beautiful high-quality silicone toys in fun shapes and colors are always worth checking out but, in this case, I suspect we’ve got something special on our hands.

Überrime’s dildos are priced from $58 to $78 and you can get yours at Peepshow ToysSAVE 10% with code REDHEAD

Thank you to the folks at Peepshow Toys for sending me the Überrime Essential Gentleman and Splendid Gentleman to test.

*If you are interested in Überrime’s butt plugs and other items, they are still available on Etsy. 

I accepted compensation to review these products. The views expressed here are my own. My review policy is simple: I will never lie about liking a product if I don’t but when I do like something it’s hard to get me to shut up about it.

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