The Toys I Actually Use or “Hey look, wands!”- A List of My Favorites

I may like wands a bit…

After five years as a sex writer, even though I don’t focus on toy reviewing, I’ve amassed quite a collection of sex toys. This often leads folks to make comments about the sexual amusement park they imagine my bedroom to be. Well, sorry to disappoint you folks but things are actually not nearly as exciting as you imagine. I’m not constantly bouncing toy to toy as the spirit moves me because, honestly, I’m very clear on what works for me… basically it’s wands. Other fun things may get thrown into the mix when I’m playing with partners but when I’m on my own, it’s wands, wands, and more wands. So today we’re looking at the toys (wands) that get pulled into my bed with the most frequency. Buckle up and get ready for some rumbly wand love!


Four shiny, sparkly Doxy Die Cast wand massagers. Left to right: Black, Purple, Red, White. All have black heads and white buttonsDoxy Die Cast

Good god do I love my Doxy. It’s gorgeous, it’s strong, and it just works for me. Also, good toys made by good people are always wonderful and the folks at Doxy are just the best.

Get it here:

SheVibePeepshow Toys


Four original Doxy Wands. Left to right: Black, pink, purple, and white. All have grey heads.

Doxy Wand Massager

So, yeah, I just said Doxy but I’ve always loved the original Doxy Wand and there’s a difference between the original and the Die Cast that makes me switch between them: The head on the original is way softer. As one who presses my wands down into my body A LOT I sometimes need that softer head- I have maybe bruised myself with the Die Cast on several occasions- so the original Doxy Wand is always on stand-by.

Get it here:
SheVibeShe BopLovehoneyTantusPeepshow Toys


The Magic Wand Rechargeable. White wand-style massager with blue buttons and a removable cord.Vibratex Magic Wand Rechargeable

When I first got this one I referred to wanting to marry it, move to the suburbs with it and have its babies and I stand by that. People often ask me “Magic Wand or Doxy?” and my stock response is “This is why I’m nonmonogamous- I want both!”¹ Another one that just plain works for me and it’s cordless so it ends up spending the night in bed with me frequently.

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Good Vibrations
SheVibeEarly to BedPeepshow ToysTantus


The LeWand in Grey- gun metal grey wand-style massager with a black head and silver trim.Le Wand

I started off hating this one (it was basically the Magic Wand Rechargeable except gussied up and really LOUD) then there was a redesign and while it’s still a bit louder than I’d like (the thing is, it gets louder when you press down as if to say “Hey everyone, I’m MASTURBATING!!”) the change was enough to set itself apart from its contemporaries and to turn my head: Version 2 has TEN (10) steady vibration settings that can be clicked through one at a time or glided through by holding the button down. I now use this one way more than I thought I would. PS: It has a travel lock.

Get it here:
Peepshow Toys


The Swan Wand vibrator- a curved pink vibrator with one large bulbous end and raised buttons on the center.Swan Wand

It looks so much like a toy I wouldn’t like but its GIANT head and powerful rumble make the Swan Wand a key player on my team.

Get it here:

SheVibeEarly to Bed,LovehoneyPeepshow Toys


The Jimmyjane iconic wand- a small, entirely white, wand-style vibrator.Jimmyjane Iconic Wand

Another one that I started off hating. Then I left it next to my bed and kept using it. Then it died and I couldn’t find the charger and realized I LOVED it. Then I snapped its neck (remember that pressing down thing I mentioned before?) and was sad. Then when I moved last year the sweet folks at The Nookie Shop in Toronto sent me a housewarming gift in the form of a new one and happy days were here again.

The Iconic Wand has been discontinued


The Vibratex Mystic Rechargeable Wand- a small, black, curved, wand-style vibratorVibratex Mystic Rechargeable Wand

Okay, so this one is more me speculating that I would use it a lot if I could. I received the Mystic Rechargeable Wand during the move I mentioned above and thus immediately lost its charger. I LOVED using it through its first charge but have never been able to recharge it so now I just gaze upon it longingly.

Get it here:

Peepshow Toys

That’s it folks, those are the players on my masturbatory team! What do you think? Any recommendations? Questions? Mystic Rechargeable Wand chargers you want to send me? Let me know!


¹For those who want some specific “What’s the difference between the Doxy and the Magic Wand Rechargeable (besides the cord)?” answers, a lot of folks say the Doxy is rumblier, which I agree with but the best way I’ve ever found to express it is this: If they were singers the Magic Wand Rechargeable would be a tenor and the Doxy Wand would be a bass – it’s got that deeper quality to it. So, they’re both beautiful and awesome at what they do, just different. 

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