I’m Heading to the Guelph Sexuality Conference

In less than a month I’ll be packing my bags and heading to Canada for the Guelph Sexuality Conference. If you don’t know what that is, go check it out. The schedule is kind of blowing my mind and I’m honored to be a part of it. I’m extra excited because I’ll be doing what has come to be one of my favorite parts of my work. Along with Stephen Biggs, I’ll be speaking on a panel called Facing The Monster Under The Bed: A Conversation About Sex and Depression. I’m so excited to go Guelph, I’ve been hearing wonderful things for years! I’m still poring over the schedule trying to figure out exactly what I can make it to- there’s so much great stuff, I’m not really sure where to start! Also, I’m beyond thrilled to be speaking, especially about a topic so close to my heart, alongside one of my favorite colleagues.

I’m also looking forward to spending a couple of days surrounded by people who passionately think, care, talk and do. I’m looking forward to actually seeing the faces behind the avatars I see online and give real hugs to the folks I “see” through my computer daily but in the flesh rarely. However, my introverted nature and deeply ingrained “don’t bother anyone” instincts sometimes keep me from approaching new folks but if you spot me (it’s easy, look for the hair) I promise I’d love to chat.

This trip wouldn’t be possible for me without the help of some absolutely wonderful colleagues, the good folks at Peepshow Toys! I only really got to know Peepshow over the last year and have been blown away by their commitment to body safety and education- they have impressed the hell out of me! That said, I was elated when they agreed to be my travel sponsor for Guelph. If you are not familiar with Peepshow, go check them out. In addition to being 100% committed to only carrying high-quality, body safe, non-porous toys (and doing that at a variety of price points, which is just rad), the folks at Peepshow consistently work with sex educators and bloggers to teach folks. Peepshow’s site is fabulous, they are wonderful people and I really appreciate their support. I’ll have some fun swag and there may even be some giveaways happening while I’m at Guelph so get ready, Peepshow Toys and I have some fun stuff planned for you!

Thank you so much to Peepshow Toys for making this trip possible for me!

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