I’m Talking About Sex And Depression Again

Hey folks, as you may remember, a while back I conducted a survey on sex and depression along with some interviews, all in preparation for my book. Well, now that things are moving along I’ve realized I want some more interviewees and some different types of answers so it’s time for more interviews! I’m doing things a bit differently this time though, I want to include as many folks from as many places and backgrounds as possible so rather than try to nail down everyone’s schedules and mess around with time zones I’m doing it via email.

On March 1 I will send out an email interview form that can be responded to on your own time anytime between then and March 31. All responses will be completely anonymous. So, how can you participate? Well, if you volunteered to be interviewed last year, you’re already on the list to receive the email interview. If you want to sign up to participate, you can do so here:

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