Say it out loud – SEX-ED +

SEX-ED + is about dismantling taboos around sex, genitals and sexualities.

We should be able to talk about it without stuttering or blushing, to better name our desires, pleasures, traumas, fears and pains.

It is not yet a reality, but many of us are working to change that.

Recently, moved by a surge in creativity and some jealousy toward colleagues who have amazing merch adorning all of my notebooks, I had some stickers made to celebrate the end of the year. They will be available for the next two weeks, at a flat rate price of 20$, stamp included. If you want to get some just write to and provide your complete address. They will be posted on  December 19th, just before the hollydays. Payment will be made only through Paypal/Credit card.

May the rest of 2022 be sweet to you and your close ones!


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