Best Postpartum Sex Positions for New Moms

Best Postpartum Sex Positions that Will Make You Feel Amazing

Although sex may be the last thing on your mind after having a baby having access to the best postpartum sex positions will make things easier whenever the mood strikes. Healing takes time and we get that there’s a lot going on “down there.” Post-delivery your body starts experiencing a whole new series of changes such as vaginal discomfort and dryness and breast tenderness. On average, it can take up to six weeks for your body to heal following vaginal delivery and 9 weeks for most C-sections. It’s no wonder a majority of new moms feel anxious about having postpartum sex.

When the Mood Strikes have the Best Postpartum Sex Positions on Hand

Conventional sex positions that may have worked pre-baby may not be as effective following post-baby. As your body adjusts, it’s a good idea to look at some other sex position options. The good news is after time, you will start feeling like your old self again and can go back to your tried and true positions. But for now, you may want to try these postpartum sex positions just until you get your groove back. Who knows. You may love them so much that you will use them forever!

Best Postpartum Sex Positions: Woman on Top

Woman on top sex positions can feel empowering and sexy. What makes this one of the best postpartum sex positions is you have complete control. To make even easier on the body, we recommend the Esse Chaise as it provides precise control over speed, depth, and rhythm during penetration. The Esse Chaise has a narrow design, making it easy for future straddling positions.

For added height, you may also consider the Esse Chaise II. This luxurious sex furniture piece has a solid wooden base with maple feet that provide extra lift for women who are taller.

With your lover laying back on the Esse Chaise, mount them slowly. Place your hands on each side of their shoulders until you feel stable and balanced. Your lover can help with insertion as you slowly lower yourself downward. After they are inside, we recommend a back and forth motion since your cervix may still feel tender. Use your feet and leg muscles for extra balance and leverage. This position also lets you lean forward for kissing and passionate eye contact.

Liberator Esse Chaise

Best Postpartum Sex Positions: Modified Missionary

A recent survey on sex positions revealed missionary the most popular among millennials. Although it may be great pre-baby, conventional missionary can be uncomfortable for most post-baby vaginas. The Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo is a big help when it comes to modifying the best postpartum sex positions. These two Shapes provide the perfect angling as well as provide an elevated platform that is supportive. Plus, it makes your post-baby body look super hot.

Using the Wedge/Ramp Combo off the side of the bed lets you control the depth and speed of penetration while he is standing. Lie back on the Ramp with your bum resting on the Wedge. You can prop your legs over their shoulders or pull your knee upwards and will be able to reach between your legs and give the clitoris the stimulation it deserves.

Best postpartum sex positions
Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo

Best Postpartum Sex Positions from Behind

Come Easy with Spooning

Feeling tired and exhausted comes with the territory of being a new mother. It takes time getting your groove back and one of the best postpartum sex positions is Spooning. You don’t have to exert too much energy and is conducive for morning or nighttime quickies. Basically, your partner does most of the work, while you reap all the pleasurable benefits.

The Liberator Whirl offers much-needed support while partner slips in from behind. We love this Shape because it does not take up too much room on the bed and it can be used whenever the mood strikes.

Laying on your side, slip the Whirl between your knees and bring the top end close to your chest.  Having one leg elevated lets you reach in between your legs with either your hands or a bullet vibe for exciting clitoral stimulation. Have your lover move slowly while whispering how hot and sexy you look.

Best Postpartum Sex Positions
Liberator Whirl

Best Postpartum Sex Positions do not Require Penetration

It’s okay if you still feel anxious about having full-on postpartum sex even after the 6-week mark. Take your time bringing the sexy back. If sex is off the table, another way of re-establishing intimacy within your partner can be achieved through mutual masturbation. This type of erotic play lets you discover new things about yourself. Mutual masturbation is also perfect for realigning your sexy brain with your sexy body.

The Liberator Equus Wave provides lovers with an erotic playscape that can be modified to fit your desires. You can use it as a bench for sensual massage or separate the pieces so you both can masturbate side-by-side. The contoured design gives your post-baby body extra lift and support. Don’t forget to incorporate a clitoral vibe for extra sensation.

Best Postpartum Sex Positions
Liberator Equus Wave

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