Self Serve, a Superhero Sex Shop, Needs Our Help!

Self Serve’s owner, Matie Fricker

In Albuquerque NM there is a magical place called Self Serve Sexuality Resource Center. It’s a sex shop, it’s a meting place, it’s an education center -it’s amazing (as is owner Matie Fricker)! The wonderful Ashley Manta wrote about it a while back as part of the Superhero Sex Shop Tour.

Well, over the last year Self Serve has been the victim of repeated acts of vandalism that have cause thousands of dollars of damage to this fabulous sex positive resource. Check out the local news coverage:

Self Serve is raising money so they can take some measures to protect their shop from vandalism and continue with their wonderful work and they could use your help. They are offering some very cool incentives and every dollar helps. Seriously folks, for a small business like this dealing with unexpected expenses can be devastated and Self Serve is so desperately needed – take a look at this map, there is nothing like it around for miles- states even. So, go help them out! You can donate here.

Please share the campaign as well – twitter, facebook, tumblr, whatever new cool thing the kids are using- just get it out there! Good sex shops matter, so let’s love the ones we’ve got! Donate to Self Serve!

Love you, Self Serve!

Love you, Self Serve!

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