Say it out loud stickers

SEX-ED + is about dismantling taboos around sex and genitals. We think all of us should feel confortable talking  about it without stuttering or blushing, to better name our desires, pleasures, traumas, fears and pains.

It is not yet a reality, but many of us are working to change that.

Recently, moved by a surge in creativity and some petty jealousy toward colleagues who have amazing merch adorning all of my notebooks, I had stickers made with pictures of some of SEX-ED + models : a vulva, a clitoris, a vagina and a penis. Quite enough to start a discussion. Wander what’s the strange writing in the corner? It’s phonetic, to help those who still struggle with saying those words!

The 4 of four stickers is available at a flat rate price of 20$can, stamp included. If you want to get them just write to and provide your complete address. 

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